Home Loan

⦁ Buying a home could be one of the biggest achievements of a person’s life. In most cases, it takes an entire lifespan to fulfill the dream of purchasing one’s own home.
⦁ Selecting the ideal property involves a lot of research and planning.
⦁ Arranging funds is probably the toughest and the trickiest part of the process.
⦁ You could dip into your savings for the entire payment OR Decide to get a Home Loan at a good interest rate

A decade or so earlier, borrowing from a bank used to be a cumbersome process but today financial institutions have simplified the entire Home Loan application and disbursement process.

⦁ All leading financial institutions offer Home Loans with attractive interest rates, flexible repayment periods, quick turnaround times and unique product features.
⦁ Before finalising on a lender, one must understand the intricacies of a Home Loan
⦁ How should I compare what each bank is offering me?
⦁ Is there anything in the fine print I should be worried about?

Let us help you get the ideal Home Loan – let’s seal the deal!

⦁ Fresh Home Loan
⦁ A simple Balance Transfer availed at an attractive rate of interest, can help you save on the interest expenses on your home loan
⦁ You can now transfer your existing Home Loan from other Banks and NBFC’s and enjoy long term savings. Delhi Financial Services has been leading marketing channel partner with strong professionals tie up with 23 banks.
⦁ Attractive interest rate
⦁ Minimum documentation
⦁ Balance Transfer Plus Top- Up

Now don’t just reduce your financial burden by reducing your EMI. Now you can fulfill your financial needs and get your EMI reduced. Delhi Financial Services provides you a solution to get an enhancement over your existing loan while transferring that loan to another bank.

As the name suggest, Home Loan Top-up, lets you avail an additional loan over your existing home loan, on the same property, without mortgaging more properties. If the value of your property increases and your financials allow you to get more loan then Delhi Financial Services provides you the best of the options to avail Top-up over your home loan.

⦁ Option to take a separate facility that keeps your existing home loan intact
⦁ Attractive interest rates that makes your Top-Up one of the cheapest loan
⦁ Funds can be used for any purpose

Loan Against Property (LAP) is a type of secured loan. A secured loan is a loan where the borrower mortgages his or her asset or property as collateral to the bank or the other lending institution. LAP could be used for several personal and professional needs such as house renovation, business expansion, purchase of a new machinery and other requirements. Typically the banks and other lending institutions offer loan against residential, commercial and industrial property. A borrower usually gets a fixed percentage of the property value known as LTV (Loan To Value) as loan amount against the property. The loan to value (LTV) varies from one bank to another. Usually, the loan to value ranges from 40% to 70% of the property value. The borrower can continue using the property that is mortgaged with the bank for its respective use.

However, both LAP and Personal Loan could be used for personal and professional needs but the interest rates of LAP are comparatively lower than a Personal Loan. This loan variant can be availed by salaried, self-employed professionals and self-employed business owners. The banks offer LAP either at the fixed rate of interest or at an adjustable rate.

Loan Against Property could be used for several purposes mentioned below:
⦁ Business Expansion
⦁ Purchase of a new property
⦁ Purchase of raw material
⦁ For immediate working capital requirement
⦁ Acquiring a new machinery
⦁ Investment in new technology for business

Required Documents For Home Loan

At VYAS Finance the Home Loan eligibility criteria is defined by various factors as mentioned below :
⦁  You are an Indian resident.
⦁ You are between 21-70 years of age.
The Document Required :

⦁ 2 Recent Passport Size Photographs (Valid up to last six month captured)
⦁ Last two month Pay Slip
⦁ Address Proof
⦁ I.D Proof
⦁ Bank Statement of last Three month.
⦁ Documents Valid as Address Proof :
⦁ Ration Card
⦁ Electricity Bill
⦁ Mobile Bill
⦁ Land Line Bill
⦁ Passport
⦁ Mool Niwas Patra
⦁ House Tax Slip Water Bill
⦁ Gas Bill etc
Documents Valid as ID Proof :

⦁ PAN Card
⦁ Voter Card
⦁ Driving License
⦁ Job certificate (at present) issued from company in which works
⦁ College Identity Card, Etc.